6 SEO Tips for Beginnersa

As a beginner, when it comes to search engine optimisation, it’s necessary to understand that there’s no magic way to get your website to rank on the first page of Google. All search engines work with complex algorithms, and it takes a lot of hard work to convince them that your website deserves to be number one. Here are a few things you could try doing:


Make sure your website is about a particular subject. Don’t write about anything else. The primary topic needs to be stated clearly and must constitute for least 80% of the content on your site. Keyword research can help you choose the right topic.


You have to choose a keyword and then include it in your site title, domain name, tagline, page titles, description, page content, categories, etc. This means changing up all the settings, so you get everything absolutely right.

Internal page links

Many content management systems use this technique. You will need to be careful with the linking though. Do not overdo it or Google will mark your pages as spam. Cross-linking is okay as long as it is done the correct way.

Speed killers

This means getting rid of any and everything that reduces the speed of your site. This helps to increase your website visitors quickly. Anything which slows down your site is going to be a deterrent as time goes by. That’s for sure.

Alt tags for images

This is more important than you may imagine. Include keywords in your image alt tags, and you will find the number of visitors to your website increase drastically. This is because Google indexes your images using only the alt tags and nothing else. So the more accurate they are, the more the chances of you ranking higher in search results.

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