SEO Tips for Online Success

While some people may tell you that SEO is a very complicated business and understanding it takes years of research, the fact is, SEO is pretty easy if you just follow some simple tips:

  • Always use META tags for page titles, descriptions, and keywords. META tags should not be ignored.
  • Don’t try optimising a single page for too many keywords. Always keep a small focus and stick to a particular keyword theme.
  • Keyword research is very important so that you can find the right phrases for your services and products.
  • Include at least one outbound link to non-competitive authority site from your industry. This is something that helps with rankings in Google.
  • Page load speeds also impact your ranking. Make sure your entire page loads within 2 seconds, or you’ll not rank too high.

If you are only servicing a local community, make sure your website is optimised for that community.

  • Always build a sitemap for your page in both HTML and XML. This will help speed up search engine crawling. There are a lot of free online resources to help you with this.
  • For any webpage that is intended to be used with SEO, make sure the page has at least 400 words. Don’t fill it with fluff, though.
  • Always, while build web pages, don’t focus on any list items. Instead of displaying a list of the products and services you offer, dedicate one webpage to each of them.
  • Make sure you use 301 redirects properly to transfer established ranking from old websites to new ones.
  • Lastly, never ever let a 404 error pop up on your page. Make sure that any 404 error bounces back to your homepage. You could also consider turning 404’s into 301’s.

With these basic tips in mind, you should be off to a decent start in the journey of your website to rank.

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